Mega Home


Xaavia studios shook hands for the digital comrade of both Bosch and Mega Homes!

a newfangled choice of the epoch to launch it on the frontier of standard protocols of internet to give a vantage point; that has mushroomed all over the country and the affinity has prevailed a set out mark in customer satisfaction via online bustle of sales and regional showrooms.

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Client: BOSCH
Date: October 7, 2019
Services: Design, Website


How to brand lead; a generalist to entice prospective customers with our digital propensity. We have given a target to pursue a shaped guideline for activation of Bosch at the forum of Mega Homes?
How to access niche and meticulous market of the brand?

Company intro

Mega home is a lionized business entity of Mega group (international market) that deals in and provide business solutions in technologically advanced and excelling productivity range of home appliances and commodity trade services which subsume proprietary processes.
Bosch; an authorized dealer which operates in Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology.


Xaavia studios has proven its work by curating the label, enriching its essence and being consistent.
We provide analysed digital solutions by graphically exhibiting the brand with congenial and necessitate product ranges with specifically designed capacities extents and features to roll out the red carpet for customers.
The website has highlighted all technical and general features of its products for easy grasp on varied choices and availability of offers.
We have worked hand in hand with BSH global and bridge PR agency for PR activity in the cities of Lahore and Islamabad.
We projected all the launching events on various digital platforms to unfold the means and become the best medium of brand communication.
At the moment Xaavia studios we have gained a rapport to be an all-time favourite digital agency for Mega Home appliances and subsequently Bosch home and work appliances Pakistan.