Burns Road House Restaurant

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Burns Road House is a specialty restaurant or a chain of restaurants that specializes in Royal Mughal Food with recipes travelled from a generation to another. The restaurant has fine dining area however it is not a very formal sort of fine dining and it still keeps the casual element of it. The restaurant was started casually and this casual culture of the restaurant has become an integral part.

It started off with tea stall on the ground floor. It became a good tea spot for people around to gather and sit there for long durations in the open air. The footfall rapidly increased with in no time. It became a spot where people would have tea and along with their discussions.


Since, now BRH is expanding the restaurant area on the ground floor of the Plaza and fine dining area is under construction, therefore, now the challenge is to create an ambiance that represents the Burns Road House Brand.

Since, growth was so rapid that they only focused on the core operations of the restaurant and ignored the branding. Therefore Xaavia Studios was requested to rebrand the Restaurant that tells their story and legacy of food they are offering.  It is the taste and flavor of Delhi that was brought to Karachi in 1950’s, and now this flavor is being introduced in Lahore and the journey may continue to other parts of Pakistan and world. Hence, this story has to be told as well in one way or the other while branding process takes place. “The food that is one of the legacies from Mughal empire”


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Website: aalimua.com