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Reputational Affairs

MoltyFoam is up and running name since 1963, to comfort the reclining body with resilient cushioning material escorted scrutinizing healthcare benefits. It makes its way through research-based transfiguration to contrive the refine quality to hook ultimate sleep perfection.
Its not just a virtual badge, it instantiates a public patron. The equilibrium model has been accredited by advertising agencies. BBDO has aligned with Master Moly Foam to launch an outdoor societal campaign which was awarded Cannes 2015 Bronze Lion, Outdoor and got recognition as “The World’s First Billbed Campaign.”


For expansion of business, BBDO (worldwide advertising agency network) has commenced the idea of mobile app by coming in proximation with Xaavia Studios to promote social utilitarian campaign with an ancillary persuasion of products. The artefact was preordained to hastily unfurl the conceptual agenda.

Mobile App designing

The stipulations of integrands were:

  • A background app for posture caution.
  • To attitudinize a fine fettle bodily angles, make a structured format of on-going planner to keep the track.
  • Reinforcement format: Allocate criteria to measure units of aspiration; accumulation of which will maintain a scorecard for virtual rewards.
  • A family service tool for all age groups to get attuned even from childhood; and that would be an unabating apparatus for parenthood (profiling option).


To convert the mechanical motions of mobile into electrical signals; the interaction of accelerometer with the app has been configurated. It sensors acceleration in 3 dimensions which stage-manages the conduct and gauge for appraisal. The UX has an adaptive value of pleasant interaction and go on cruise control for one’s balanced bodily proportion.

The solution is crafted in native language both for IOS and Android. Features of coaching program is an exposition to familiarize the theme with specific degrees of accurate and inaccurate postures followed by a tutorial video. Its well-established notification option varies from immediate to monthly tracing of one’s record via graphical representation. Soon it will be available for e-commerce to mould the fast-paced internet living.