Destined for Space


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About This Project

Genre: Action, Adventure, Strategy, RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player

Destined for Space

Destined for Space is a traditional 4x with a strong emphasis on politics and – obviously – set in space 🙂 And yes, you will be able to fly through space as well.


This game is currently pre alpha. Pics don’t represent final game.

Story/ Politics


In a not to distanced future the first contact is established between a single human and an alien race. The aliens introduce the humans to the galactic senate. The rest will be the up to the player choices.

The player will have the possibility to play the game like a 4x game doing stuff like:

  • Colonizing planets
  • Building ships and structures (buildings, space stations, mining stations, etc.)
  • Attack enemies and pirates
  • Make some serious politics and affecting the world’s empires
  • Explore the universe and establish contact to races that haven’t establish space flight so far

or the player can use his spaceship to:

  • Fly through the space (“feeling” the world and changes he has created in 4x-mode)
  • Go to the senate to vote
  • Attack enemies and pirates
  • Go on missions for other races or go on player created missions to achieve something in 4x-mode (or isn’t it logical that much more police is needed in a sector after the frequent attacks of “unknown pirates” in sector xy? 🙂
  • Explore the universe and establish contact to races that haven’t found out the possibilities of space flight so far
  • Form Federations